Your Are God Lyrics By Francis Ocran

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Song Title: Your Are God
Artiste: Francis Ocran
Country: Ghana
Year of Release: 2015
You are God
Light of the world You stepped down in darkness
Lord of all you clothed Yourself in frailty
King of Kings You left Your Throne in glory yeah
God of all You are great
You are God (4X)
When I look at the stars in the night skies
When I look at the moon
They all speak of Your glory that
Only You, only You are God
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Have You Read?
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Alpha (Yes You are)
Omega (Yes You are)
Beginning and the end (Yes You are God)
You’re the first (Yes You are)
You’re the last (Yes You are)
You’re my everything (Yes You are God)
Creator (Yes You are)
Redeemer (Yes You are)
Restorer (Yes You are God)
You’re my Savior (Yes You are)
My healer (Yes You are)
Protector (Yes You are God)
You’re my Teacher (Yes You are)
My Leader (Yes You are)
My Counselor (Yes You are God)
Strong Tower (Yes You are)
My Safe and Refuge (Yes You are)
Provider (Yes You are God)
You’re my Ruler (Yes You are)
Director (Yes You are)
Lord of all (Yes You are God)
You remain the same (Yes You are)
You never change (Yes You are)
God of all (Yes You are God)

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