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You Are God Lyrics By Anthony Adoki @AnthonyAdoki2

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You Are God Lyrics By Anthony Adoki @AnthonyAdoki2

You who made the heavens and earth
You who made the stars and the moon
Yes You make a way in the dark
You who made the barren to sing
Created me to show for your praise
I will declare amongst other gods
There is none like you
You are good 2x
You are God matchless in Power
All people shall raise you high
For you are God
You made thunders and light
You made the colors of life
You who made the seasons to change
Created me to show forth your praise
I will declare in all of the earth
There is none like you
I will arise with praise from my heart
We raise you high
For you are God.

“The Father seeks true worshipers and nothing delights Him like the daily sacrifice of my whole life to Him in worship. Like a candle, it starts a fire inside of me, then it consumes everything around me.”- Anthony Adoki.

This describes the essence of Anthony Adoki’s life as God’s Minstrel – who believes in a lifestyle of worship that is beyond the songs, the music, the pulpit and the audience. He gave himself to God and to music in the mid 90’s with great passion, commitment and deep hunger for God. His is a Psalmist and a Minstrel who draws others to God in worship and praises – “The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.”
A worship leader at RCCG, City of David, who has also participated in helping to build professional and anointed worship teams, choirs and bands. About his album,“Don’t Give Up”released in 2009, he says: “the inspiration behind each song in the album is God and the things I have learnt in life. ‘Don’t give up’ is a message of hope. I believe hope can help you stretch beyond your imaginations. It is therefore my prayer that these songs will ignite a spark of hope in you – hope that can carry you through your life’s journey believing that God will surely lead you all the way to the very end.” How can we be led by God if we do not hear His voice? “Your Voice” declares the power in God’s voice(Psalms 29:3-4 is this scripture necessary?). “Lord Of All” declares the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every situation, giving us reason not to give up. (Do you want mention the other songs?).
“I have discovered over the years that worship is scripted in many Christian gatherings. When worship is run by a script and not from a heart of expectation and anticipation to encounter God, then God is put in a box. It ought not be so, worship service is not an event but an encounter – not something you recover from, but something you become.” The pathway through this discovery therefore led to the KING & I SESSIONS; born with the vision to create an atmosphere of intimacy in worship where all distractions will be reduced thereby helping people to focus on the King. The purpose of these on-going sessions is to create an audience of one with the King, a prototype of the heavenly aura.