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You will need to be worried If you ever see these signs, then you need to get tested for HIV/AIDS

The saying ‘curiosity kills the cat’ is often used in delaying medical appointments or check up with the doctor. Some people believe the thought of contracting a disease will kill them faster than the disease itself.

This thought seems to be a widespread one when terminal diseases are involved. Lots of people feel they will live well and not experience any form of apprehension pending the time they die if they do not about their status. This is cowardice; it is advisable for you to get tested and know what you are facing before your health condition starts to deteriorate.

Living with HIV/AIDS is not the end of the world, it is important for you to get the right counselling in order to know what to do from the moment you get tested. There are lots of people living in our society with this virus; it has not in any way cut down their life expectancy or dreams.

Although testing positive may be destabilizing and depressing, it is advisable for the affected persons to pull themselves together and restrategize. If you see the following signs, then you need to go for a test as soon as possible:

1. Symptoms of flu

The first stage of HIV infection has a lot to do with flu or fever. Usually, the signs of contracting this virus may not be seen immediately, many infected persons show signs of fever some weeks after infection.

If you keep having headaches, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes and tiredness, you might as well go for a test. These symptoms are normal with fever; but in a case where you were tested and your suspicions of flu were wrong, you should start treatment immediately.

2. A period of wellness after the flu symptoms

You should not take issues that have to do with your health with levity; if you had symptoms of fever some weeks before and got well without getting treated, then you should be worried.

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The second stage of the infection is the latent period which lasts for weeks. During this period, no symptom is seen.

This period may last up to a period of ten years if the viral infection is left untreated. However, with the help of antiretrovirals, the latent period may be extended and be made to last for as long as thirty years.

3. Weight loss

This symptom is usually noticed at the third stage. This is when the viral infection becomes full blown AIDS. At this stage, it is a little late to do much as it attacks the body system within 2 to 3 years of the symptoms settling in. Advanced AIDS is characterized by a fast weight loss.

Extreme fatigue, diarrhea, sores around the mouth and private parts may be seen. Also blisters may appear on the skin, infected persons may suffer from severe pneumonia and prolonged dry cough.

It should be known that not every AIDS patient will have show all of these but a considerable number of them do.

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