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Purist Ogboi: Idi Ri Muma Lyrics @Purist_ogboi

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‘Idi Ri Muma’ Lyrics by Purist Ogboi

Come on clap your hands like this
Come on come on everybody 
Yeaaaaaa heyyyyyyyyyyy 
You worthy of our praise


When I think of your goodness 
And all you’ve done for me 
And I think of your kindness 
And how you rescued me 
Lord I sing of your mercies 
And faithfulness to me 
I can’t contain it but shout out loud 
You’re worthy to be praised

Onwegi-ihe diri-gi-ike ime-nuwa 
(There is nothing impossible for You to do in this world)

Soso-gi buchi ne-menma 
(You’re the only God that does good)

(The one that does good)

Agama jagi nma 
(I’ll praise you)


idiri-mu-ma oh 2x 
(You’re good to me)

Ome-mma eh eh
(The one who does good)

(You are good to me)

Ekene diri-gi oh oh 2x 
(Thanks be to You)

Ome-mma eh 
(The One who does good)

Ekene diri-gi oh 
(Thanks be to You)


When praises go up

The blessings come down

You deserve the lifting of my hands

Holy holy Lord God almighty

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King of all creation

Lifter of my head

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