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Onyeoma Matt.O & Festus Praywell Full Complete Lyrics

Onyeoma - Matt.O & Festus Praywell Lyrics

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You gave me life,
When I needed life,
There is no one else like you,

You gave me hope,
When all hope was lost,
Odighonye dikagi,

You sent your son,
Just to die for me,
And He shed His blood for me

You gave me songs,
New songs to sing,
You’re the reason why i sing…

Onyeoma mee /3x
You lift me up,
Whenever I am down…
You give me assurance,
That everything is gonna be okay

Everytime I ever think of giving up
You always come to me,
You are my all in all,
The refuge over my life.

Papa mo I love you,
I really do love you,
And I’ll keep on loving you,
Cos you have shown me so much kindness.

I’ll not fear anymore,
You’re the rock on which I stand,
Mighty God you are, great God,
(back to chorus)

Yes it’s you,
Everything I have,
Yes it’s you,
Everything I have Lord,
Yes its you Lord,
Everything I have,
Oh yes it’s you,
Everything I have.
(back to chorus)

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