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Oghene Doh Lyrics By: Ngozi @Ngozigospelartiste @e_flamepro

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Oghene Doh Lyrics By: Ngozi @Ngozigospelartiste @e_flamepro 

Verse 1. 
Everything I give,  yeh.. 
All of my life I give,  
everything I give iyeiye, 
all to you I give,  
Lord you’re my life come take my heart, 
you’re my joy the reason I live, 
oh oh oh oh oh, 
oh oh oh oh, 
you’re my everything the reason I live.  
The air I breath, 
thank you Lord, 
the life I live thank you Lord, 
the song I sing thank you Lord, 
you’re the reason I live (2x)
Hook : 
Doh, doh doh, 
Ogheneme doh, 
doh Oghene doh,  
doh, doh doh 
Ogheneme doh, 
doh Oghene doh. 
Verse 2. 
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul, 
I was lost and now am found yeh, 
I am saved and redeemed by your grace oh Lord, 
and now am a new creature yeh, 
in the darkness you’re my light, 
when am weak you’re my strength, 
in the storm you’re my peace, 
thank you Lord.. 

Repeat Chorus and Hook. 
Bridge : 
Jehovah Jireh. (Response : Jehovah jireh) 
Jehovah Nissi. (Response : Jehovah Nissi) 
Jehovah Shama (Response Jehovah  Shama) (2x) 
You’re the reason I live. 
Back to Chorus and Hook.. 
Repeat till fade..


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