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Gospel Highlife crooner –Kaydee Numbere comes another hit track – “Emanam Enaan” which means No power as of God in the Abua dialect of
the Abua natives of Rivers State.

This  song is sure to get you dancing. Just when we though he couldn’t possible out do himself, he goes ahead and springs this pleasant surprise on us.

A delicious and  delicate blend of High life and Reggae, reminiscent of the golden age of Nigerian music. Emanaam Enaan is very enjoyable. Older listeners who experienced the golden age of music in their youth are most likely to have flashbacks and memories of what those times were like. The younger ones will then be able to visualize what it must have been like.

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The rich blend of Igbo percussion, steady baseline, moderate beats and fluid vocals makes it a blessing to listen to.  Emanaam Enaan literally means, in pidgin English,  “No power reach God”*. Teaming up with world class singer  – Freke Umoh,  This song indeed celebrates and salutes the authority of God over every other power.

Emanaam Enaan


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