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MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Anthony Adoki – You Are God || @AnthonyAdoki2

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MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Anthony Adoki – You Are God || @AnthonyAdoki2

Minstrel, worship leader and recording artiste, Anthony Adoki returns with a powerful worship song titled “You Are God”, “The inspiration for the song came to me when I was having my personal Bible study in mid 2015. I was reading the book of Revelation and it occurred to me that all that the 24 elders, the saints, and the angels do from timeless eternity is declare with reckless abandon that Elohim is God. And in the midst of that timeless declaration and enthronement of Elohim as God, unspeakable, fearful and marvelous things happen.

So it’s important that we make these three words our anthem, YOU ARE GOD. Because that is the anthem of heaven, so we must echo the anthem and the sound of heaven. YOU ARE GOD.” – Anthony Adoki. “You Are God” was produced by Victor Sunday.



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