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?Let’s Make It A Habit??

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This is a little short Message to Encourage Believers, to Always hold tight their Bible and always Read it Daily… For Our Spiritual Life Growth In Christ.

? Have you ever wondered, what would happen if we treated the bible the way we treat our ?mobile phone…?

? What if we can carry it with us wherever we go; In our bags ? ?…. & our pockets?

? What if we looked at the pages ? several times a day..?

? What if we went back ? to take it if forgotten??

? What if we treated the bible as though we cannot live without it..? – And really, we cannot live without it…!

? What if we give it to our children ? as gifts???

? What if we read it while traveling ✈.. ? ? ? ??

? What if we made it a priority everyday?? Let our logo be : “Bible is my best friend…”

? Now, only 7% will share this message.

? Be amongst the People That will share & send it to the largest possible social media friends in Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn, and Google+ people…..

? Don’t be one of the 93% who will not share the message…. at all!

? Think?… Even once… Day of Judgment… we will realize we daily opened messages from friends ?…

? We like to always share and forward jokes ? & gossips? …

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? But how many times do we open the bible.. and read ? this WORD sent from God?

✴Satan.. said :
“I wonder how humans ? claim to Love ? God☝ and disobey Him, and claim they hate ? me.. yet they obey me!”

? Warning -⚠. Do not share ‘Later’. But Share now.

May God☝ grant you grace for sharing…

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