Kirk Franklin: Gospel Songs and Singers Left Me Insecure

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Gospel singer Kirk Franklin says the gospel genre and the players involved has left him insecure.

In a series of tweets,Kirk Franklin highlighted what 20 years of music ministry looks like:

“Can’t sleep. The greatest gift God has given me past family and salvation is songwriting. I sit in rehearsal blown away at these songs…”
“Songs given to me not based on my goodness but HIS. To be in a genre full of the best singers in the world and not being able it like them..”
“Has always left me insecure. So I’m only here because He loaned me these songs. I’m thankful to come to your city, and do these songs….”
“We’re working hard. Production, movement, ministry, it’s there. Thank you Lord for these songs. I’m sitting here tonight knowing the truth..”
“It’s only grace that I’m here for over twenty years. You love me, but you don’t need me. May I never get that twisted. Bless this tour. Amen”

The tweets reflect Franklin’s “20 Years in One Night” tour, happening around the United States through mid-April.

 Culled From : Charisma News

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