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Growing Stronger Lyrics By Ebiere feat. Eben @ebiereohochukwu @eben4u

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Growing Stronger Lyrics By Ebiere feat. Eben @ebiereohochukwu @eben4u

Verse 1
They that with upon the Lord
Daily shall renew their strength
They that put their faith to work 
Never fall they never fail
This is the time to soar like the eagles across the sky
This is the season to shine like the stars he’s made us 
We’re growing stronger
We’re rising higher
We never relent 
We never retreat 

Verse 2

We walk by faith and not by sight
On Christ the solid rock we stand
His eternal word will never fail
It produces what it talks about
This is the time..
God is unconventional
So I’m unconventional 
I do impossible things
Supernatural life I live (4×) 
Everyday (2×) 
What a beautiful God
So glorious 
Too marvelous for words
Awesome God
Beautiful beyond description 
Mighty God