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Folabi Nuel ft. Florocka – Good God Lyrics

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Ooo ooo
Ooo ooo
Ooo oooo
Repeat all

Everyday your grace dey surround me
No be say na mouth you dey guide me
It’s your mercies I see and your favour revealed that reminds me say you dey guide me
Where would I be without you Lord?
What would they say if not for you?

You’ve given me a reason to look forward to another day
And every single second I’m reminded
Of who you are and what you’ve done and who I’ve become
Put your hands in the air right now
And wave it like you just don’t care
He’s a very very good God
A very very good God

O yes indeed you hold my hand
And through the storm you never leave though men fail you still remain
Yes you do yes you do yeah
And every single second……………
Put your hands in the air………
And every single second……….

Ooo…………..4 times

And every single second I’m reminded
Of who you are and what you’ve done and who I’ve become

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