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Epic Throwback Photos of Isabella Melodies & Hubby ==> @isabellamelodie

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Epic Throwback Photos of Isabella Melodies & Hubby ==> @isabellamelodie

L-R: Sonsy, Isabella’s mom, Isabella & Hubby and a friend

Love is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Now by a show of hands [or thumbs, as is it. Lol!] let’s see how many of you believe so? Well, we believe it is because we were first loved by God and look how far His love has brought you & I. Now back to the matter, UK’s leading lady of songs and multiple award winning worship minister, Isabella Melodies recently celebrated 21 years of marital bliss to her dearly beloved hubby, Pst Ogo and some epic throwbacks of their early years of love hit the net, along with an interesting story courtesy of Sonsy Azukah Keluo-Udeke  [Isabella’s sister].
Sonsy’s Facebook post
Isabella & mom
Isabella’s hubby, Pst. Ogo & Sonsy
Isabella & sister, Sonsy

So wonderful to share pictures of your old times of life, what a good one…

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