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Ayo is a new music for download by Benita Okojie @Benita_Okojie

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Ayo is a new music for download by Benita Okojie @Benita_Okojie

2015 was an eventful year and what kept a lot of people hopeful and not let down by happenings the world over, were the joys shared with family and friends as well as the ability to just see things from a comical point of view.

Ayo by Benita Okojie is a song of prayer that aims to keep people hopeful for a better tomorrow and encouraging them not to let go of the joy of little blessings while holding on to God for more good news all round.
It’s a good way to start the year 2016 with prayer and supplication, not asking for things that eyes can see but things that only the soul can feed on, feel and understand. It is sung in Pidgin English, Yoruba and Esan languages.
The song was produced by JayBlakes.
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