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Article: The Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:3) By Gina Pat. | @GinaPatMusic @RealSammySAS

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The Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:3) by Gina Pat.

Have you ever thought about the scenario, of those gathered around Jesus, at the mountain; if those listening to His sermon, really understood all He was talking about? or have we the believers of this “Age” and “Generation” asked ourselves if we could have comprehended the true real depth of the meaning, of our Lord’s words if we were to be there?

To my thinking and living, as we do in this world that is so materialistic, the very moment the word “poor” was mentioned, everyone would had immediately thought “Poor” with a lack of money; but the possession of money alone does not make a person rich. One’s wealth cannot always be measured by material gains or accumulations; and the word rich, can have a totally different meaning from mere material possessions. One can be rich in heart, in the things of God, in spirit and still be poor in material possessions.

When Jesus said,”Blessed are the poor in spirit”, am sure some of those gathered around him would have lost interest immediately. But if we must look into what the word “poor” means in this contest, one must become poor that is, poor in a deep sense of nothingness before God, to be truly Rich in the things of God. I must admit here that, It is the most difficult thing to achieve for anyone. We are part of a world where everything is all about self, self and self-sufficiency, and that is totally contrary to our Lord’s teaching.

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The foundation of all spiritual happiness, is an awareness before God of one’s emptiness and one’s need. Jesus told us in this beatitude poverty of spirit, that we must be aware of our lack of God. When we get to that place, which is not easy at all, then we have laid a foundation of total/true wealth. We will never inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, until we get to the place where we can acknowledged our total nothingness. Real riches comes from God. (Joshua 1:8)

If you want to be truly rich, you must come to the place where you have a deep sense of nothingness before God; and that is what Jesus meant when he said “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew 5:3. The moment we realize our lack of God is poverty, then we realize that God in our lives is absolute wealth.

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