Jo-Flute – Down at Your Feet Lyrics


Verse 1
Down at your feet
I bow
In worship
Surrendering all my guilt and pride
And Laying down
My life
At the cross
My Savior rewarder
At your feet
I lay it down
All my guilt
I lay it down
At your feet
I bow

Verse 2
And at the cross
He Was nailed just for me
With crown of thorns
With many strives
And all of this was done
Just for me
O glory and free
It is finished was his words
Now he’s seated up above
As the Savior of the world

Mighty saviour
Lifted high
Ooo glory
From the cross
To the sky
My rewarder
The soon coming
Oooh glory
To the lamb.

Oo glory to the lamb
Oo glory to the lamb x4

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Jo-Flute – Down at Your Feet


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