Ryta Ritche – Kpami (Praise) Lyrics

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This is a traditional contemporary praise song written in Ika language, Agbor, Delta State. It was produced in the year 2014, released in 2015. The song is all about praising GOD in every situation you find yourself. i’ m dedicating this song to GOD ALMIGHTY who has given me the inspiration and ability to be a vessel of honor in His kingdom.


Call: Wherever you are give him praise
Res: we give you praise
Whatever you do glorify him
He owns your life, the only living God
Res: oh, oh
Ebiyelune kpami osonobwe 2x
Yejiji, yejinma oh….
Oyeokwapu waye yekeli.
Iyekeli oyeo…
(when he gives you is yours)

Ebiyelune kpami osonobwe 2x
(wherever you are give him praise)
Yejiji yejinma oh, uh uh
(the custodian of life and resources)
Oyeokwapu waye yekeli
(he has the prerogative of giving it
To who so ever he decides)

Call: he’s the one who give
Res: who give
Res: he’s the one who makes (Res) when
he gives you no one can take it from
From you,
In him we have our being
Res: our being
Eh, ijokugbo kpami baba oh
Ijokafia kpami osonobwe
Yejiji yejinma oh, oyeokwapu
Waye yekeli.
Iyekeli oyeyoo

Ebiyelune kpami osonobwe 2x
Yejiji yejinma oh, uh, uh
Oyeokwapu waye yekeli

Wherever you are, whatever you do
In the market place, in the farm
He owns the yam, he owns the cutlass
Who he gives will eat.



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Ryta Ritche – Kpami (Praise)

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