Lyrics: Bulie Ya Elu – Enkay

Verse 1
If no be for him grace
Tell me where I for dey
I for don die, I for suffer no be small
Devil for dey laugh; thank god that he saved me
Jehovah me, thank you for your love
Agama eburu hallelujah eburu (I will lift hallelujah)
Para hallelujah apara (I will carry hallelujah)
Agama eburu hallelujah eburu (I will lift hallelujah)
Bugara eze jesus (lift it to Jesus)

Mmadu nile sorom bulie ya elu (every one join me and lift him up)
Jehovah elu(lift jehovah up)
Oke mmiri ne ebu ogwe (the mighty water that washes away strong bridges)
Jehovah elu (lift jehovah up)
Ibu eze kachi eze elu ( you are the king of kings)
Jehovah elu (lift jehovah up)
Odogwu odogwu elu(mighty warrior)
Jehovah elu (lift jehovah up)

Verse 2
See wetin he do for me
He better my life and set me free
He prepared a table in the presence of my enemies
Goodness and mercy shall follow me
And I go dey dwell in you presence
Agama eburu hallelujah eburu( I will lift hallelujah)
Para hallelujah apara( I will carry hallelujah )
Agama eburu hallelujah eburu (I will lift hallelujah)
Bugara eze jesus (lift it to jesus)


For all the things you dey do for me
E dey make me feel
Like I don’t deserve it
You love sotey you die for me
And you set me free
Now I’m free indeed


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