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We, the NgospelMedia.Com Team has just decide to bring to you all, our Trending Top Five [5] Celebrity Interviews on our Blog Server, is an Interview to be Read, “When you want to be a Great Man in life! You need to start Reading other people success story. To know where your mistakes of going higher is coming from” To this you will now amend  and cross check your success meter, if it is reading excellent or failure; so if it is reading excellent, then you have to increase your effort and time of making more excellent results, because what makes us to know our errors in whatever we are doing is to check others that are in the same field with us and know their failure and success limit, and also know what they pass through and what they rejected that keep then going… this is just a short message for you to read and check yourself. because the key to success is in your hands…

NewBrid: Celebrity of the Week Interview With SammySAS | @RealSammySAS @Newbridmusic

The Secret Behind our Brand is God’s Grace and Excellent. Words from Nigerian Urban Gospel Music Group, Newbrid. Here is what he has to say in this exclusive interview with star reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Newbrid: We go by the name Newbrid. (Fresh, Shezy and Smart Brainz)

Sammy Sas: So tell us why the name “Newbrid”?

Newbrid: As the name implies; we are a new type bringing New sound, style and content.

Sammy Sas: When did Newbrid, started?

Newbrid: The team started in the year 2012.

Sammy Sas: Where did you guys meet?

Newbrid: We met at Kaduna, Nigeria.

Sammy Sas: So what type of music do you guys do?

Newbrid: We do mainstream music

Sammy Sas: Secular or Gospel?

Newbrid: Gospel.

Sammy Sas: Do you dance?

Newbrid: yes, partly with our songs on stage.

Sammy Sas: Why did you guys choose to do Gospel music, when the secular artist are getting all the major contract and making global headlines?

Newbrid: Well, its not just about content but about excellence; Corporate companies give endorsement for excellence and not for religious affiliation. Besides alot of gospel artiste are getting major contracts and global headlines.

Sammy Sas: Tell us about your  achievements so far, since the inception of your professional career? Read More Here

Anita Adokpela: Celebrity of The Week Interview With Sammy SAS | @realsammysas

I believe alot of people can learn good and bad things from the media. Words from Nollywood actress Anita Adokpela. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview, with star Reporter, Sammy Sas.


Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Anita Adokpela: My name is Anita Adokpela. I’m from Benue State and proudly Idoma. I’m a Nollywood actress but I’ve a job on the side

Sammy Sas: So tell us how was growing up like?

Anita Adokpela: Growing up for me was fun but I had to follow a lot of rules being the daughter of a  major general. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister so you can imagine the house when there are 7 children, we were basically each other’s friends. I had to read alot of books and give my dad feedback of what I learnt from each book, my relationship with my dad made me grow so faster than my mates but I have no regrets.

Sammy Sas: Tell us why did you choose acting?

Anita Adokpela: When I was in secondary school my mum would bring home movies and after watching I learnt a lot from some of them. I believe alot of people can learn good and bad things through the media. So I said to myself,one day i could be an actress you know and by acting I can pass a message across to the viewers in my own way. So decided to bring in my own style cos I have a vision which I intend to show people in the nearest future

Sammy Sas: So did you later go into the higher institution, to study it?

Anita Adokpela: Nah I didn’t. I have a degree in Business Administration and currently I’m undergoing a masters (MBA) Human Resources. While am in school I suggested acting to my family but the only person who supported my idea was my mum, and in my final year in 2010 i decided to try it out. That was when I did my first movie in Ghana called “Under My Pillow”

Sammy Sas: How is it like working in Ghana’s movie industry as an upcoming Nigerian actress?

Anita Adokpela: It wasn’t really difficult for me because my prouducer is a Nigerian who only shoots his movies in Ghana and returns to Lagos where he has his office so it was a combination of both the Nigerians and Ghanaians. It was a wonderful experience, getting to meet new people and working with people I was always seeing on tv. Read More Here

Moses Akoh: Celebrity of the week With Sammy SAS | @RealSammySAS @NgospelMedia

The Philippines gave me more than I expected, now am known all over the Country. Word’s from Nigerian born, International music Superstar, Moses Akoh. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview with Star Reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Moses Akoh: My name is Moses Akoh Oche. I am from Benue state, Nigeria. I am studying in the Philippine, taking up Human Resources Development Management. I am in my final year

Sammy Sas: Interesting… So when did you realized you had a passion for music?

Moses Akoh: I was 14 years old when God gave me the gift of singing. I went for a Teenagers Camp and I asked God for a gift and He he gave me the passion for music, but it remained a passion until I put in the hard work of making my passion to become excellent. And I am still on that path of constant searching for excellence.

Sammy Sas: What type of music do you do?

Moses Akoh: Rnb, Pop, Hip hop, Jazz, Rock and Soul.

Sammy Sas: Nice… So you do the secular type of music?

Moses Akoh: My Faith in The Gospel of Jesus places a limit to what I sing, because Everything that comes out of me must give Him Glory, therefore, I am very selective about secular songs. I believe singing a love song about a woman is permissible, however When it starts to degrade her and make her a sexual object, then the I me, has been crossed for me. So my answer to your question is I have limits to the secular songs I can do.

Sammy Sas: Why so much passion for the Gospel industry, when the secular musicians are making global headings and getting most of the mega contracts? Read More Here

Aaron Sunday: Celebrity of The Week With Sammy SAS | @RealSammysas @Aaronsunday

I Feel am in my early stage still trying hard and working hard to put the name out there.Words from fast rising Nollywood Superstar, Aaron Sunday. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview, with www.ngospelmedia.comstar Reporter, Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Please can we meet you?

Aaron Sunday: Yes please… My name is Aaron Sunday… Film and Television Actor

Sammy Sas: Interesting…. So, when did you realized, you had a passion for acting?

Aaron Sunday: Hmmm… That would be when I was done with my secondary education in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. It kept flashing in my dreams on three different occasions and I just kept waving it… I didn’t want to believe it…. but something just kept hitting deep inside of me….”That’s your calling follow it…. So I decided to let my mum on it right there she literally took my hands and told me that…”Son if this is where your destiny lies go for it. “Passion is what motivates you to do something… so I one for believe that it was passion that keep hitting me…

Sammy Sas: Tell us about the early stage of your acting career,how was the journey like,starting as a rookie?

Aaron Sunday: Early stage….. I feel am still in my early stage still trying hard and working hard to put the name out there….. we all have to face some huddles in trying to be something great in life.Just have to keep the hustle real….. Bless up.

Sammy Sas: As a teenager, was acting what you wanted for a career?

Aaron Sunday: Nah….. I never thought of acting….but I loved watching Nollywood films…. The only thing I love doing was dancing….I know how to dance that’s one gift am literally yet to put out.

Sammy Sas: So we can still expect some Dance moves coming from Mr Aaron Sunday or are you also planning on going into music like most of your colleague’s in the film industry?

Aaron Sunday: Not literally…music isn’t for me…And you will be first to know if I feature in any dance film… its a no no….. Read More Here

Kryssthaboss: Celebrity of the Week Interview with SammySAS | @RealSammySAS @Kryssthaboss

I Read a lot, listen to all and never select who you learn from. Words from Multiple Award winning OAP, Kryss Tha Boss. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview, with star Reporter, Sammy Sas.

These are the Top Five [5] Celebrity Interviews for Today, Tomorrow, we will get you a new series Top 5, please make sure you share this article to your friends on social Media. Thanks.

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