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Angels Cry Lyrics Sonnie Badu | @Sonniebaduuk

Still You Reign Sonnie Badu

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Come lets join the angels and sing
(Let’s join the angels and sing)
Come let’s join the elders
(As they bow down and worship)
To say blessings and honour dominion
(Blessings and honour dominion)
Glory power forever and ever
(Power forever)

Elohim, Elohim
We praise you
Your majesty
We bow down
And worship you
You are holy, You are holy

Elohim Elohim Yeshua
(Elohim Elohim Yeshua)
Messiah the lion of Judah
(messiah the lion of Judah)
We hail you, we praise you forever
(We hail you, we praise you forever)
Adonai you reign in heaven and earth

Glory glory glory to your name
(Glory glory glory to your name)
Power power power to your name
(Power power power to your name)
blessings and honour praises to your name
(Blessings and honour praises to your name)
Yaweh you are the lamb of God
(Yaweh you are the lamb of God)


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