Praise Medley Lyrics by Mthunzi Namba and Joyous Celebration Choir

(Non-English parts sung in Xhosa)
Alternating English verses are translations

Song #1

Ngiyakuthanda khakhulu
Uyingoma yam’ uyiculo lam’
Ngetliziyo yam’ ngophefumulo wam’
Nangamandla am’ ngikunik’udumo (Repeat)

You’re the one that I love; You’re the source of my joy
You’re the giver of life; the Prince of Peace (Repeat)

With all of my heart, With all of my soul
With all of my strength; I give you the praise (Repeat)

Song #2

Woza mazingene, ebukhoneni kenkosi
Laphikasi mulo, ibona yaliswa
Umoya onamandla, uqashuli’zibopho
ekukhoneni okunamandla beNkosi (Repeat)

In His presense there is joy, Joy!
And at His right hand
Pleasures forevermore
In the awesome presence x3
Ekukholeni kounamandla

Song #3

Glory! Glory! Glory! / Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! x2
Power and the honor!
Nothing but the blood of the Lamb

Oh the Blood of Jesus x3
It washes whiter than the snow (Repeat)

I’m grateful for the blood of Jesus x3
It washes whiter than the snow (Repeat)


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