Bad Blood Lyrics By: Tru South Ft Peddygree [@2rusouth @kellylyonn]

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One time ..
If you ever gonna listen the time is now …
Nothing buh the truth ..holyghostgang ..yeh huh huh ..

Verse 1

Memories are everlasting cos they live inside the soul
I saw your picture how you hurt me is the only thing i know
I should forgive you im a christian cos the bible told me so
But I’m healing from many stories untold ..huh
Sacrifice is more than platinum or Gold ..
A trophy won is nothing compared to winning a soul
You hurt a brother now they broken their lights will never glow
How you keep that in your belly and your living waters flow? Huh..
Judge myself by the spirit from within
Call on jesus touch their hearts if anyone is hurt by me
All the ladies who loved me , my homies in the game
Stepped on toes , broke some hearts we were young what a shame
It takes a God to look in the dark and make light
I swallow my pride and look in my wrongs and make right
Sometimes the love of God don’t make u win in every fight
Im bleeding out but i forgive you right now
for all he love you took away i let the bad blood Go
For all pains you brought to me i let the bad blood go
We ve seen too much of light…to be living in the dark keep no grudges in your hearts just let that bad blood Go. Huh
CHORUS) – By Pedigree –

Dont be ashamed to say im sorry ..huh
And if u forgive you’ll be forgiven
Bad blood de cause cancer o ..
Ejeh dudu kurolarami

Verse 2
I know that i was different since the day i came from heaven
If they don’t know that ur a savior they gon treat u like ur evil
As a vessel of jehova all i brought to you was glory
Regardless of the color of my skin my heart is holy
Lord knows the story not the lies they be telling
They mentioning my name alongside but i forgive them
Correction is the key closedoors father and children
Whatever goes on in my family non of ur business
Loyalty is a virtue can’t take it off my Discussion
It built the very structure of the church from the foundation
Me and Tb in abuja we answered a lot of questions
cos people love the story when your name is in the picture
And so we teied to fix it and corrected their perception
Stop all the pity parties and donation of emotions
Controversy is fire boy don’t bring your contribution
So we bringing forgiveness cos we’ll be fulfilling scriptures
Ive Got to stop all this madness , Got to bury the hatchet
Healing after forgiveness i gotta follow the process
I rather die than hate my brother yoh i put that on my conscience
From the brother hood of love i never break the code of conduct …huh

Verse 3

They say i came up too fast so they question my Ascension
They never knew the boy gon make it out the dungeon
Life is in phases my grace you cannot trace it
If you don’t Know my sacrifice don’t you question my harvest ..huh
The devil is a liar … Why we starting a fire i thought we’re here for the Messiah ..huh
Why the selfish desires… Why can’t we say I’m sorry and forgive one another
Its crazy cos we know the bible from cover to cover
Or maybe we just go to church we truly not surrendered
Or maybe we just speak in tongues but we don’t know the father
Or maybe we too religious we dont follow the master
Why ? Ego and Pride and all this jagaban
No fellowship among the bretheren.. love dry like harmattan
The spirit made me say it out cos its about that time
Jesus only coming back for a church that is perfect huh..
All the gossip and the blames just let the bad blood go
The word of God cut thru your veins and let d bad blood Go
Someone hurt u in the church just let that bad blood God
My sister come back to the choir let the bad blood Go
All the gossip and the blames..just let that blood Go
The word of God cut thru your veins and let that bad blood Go
The Pastor hurt you in the church just let that bad blood Go
My brother come back to the church let the bad blood Go … huh

CHORUS) – Peddygree
Dont be ashamed to say im sorry , And if you forgive you be forgiven
Bad blood they cause cancer … Eje dudu kurolaraomi ..


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