Eugenezuta 1

Title: Odo Mmere Ni (A Time To Love)
Artiste: Eugene Zuta
Country: Ghana
Year: 2014
Sε medↄ menua, na medↄ Nyame a,
(Loving God and my neighbour)
Eyi n’εyε adea, adea εsombo sen ade nyinaa
(Is the greatest of all)

ↄdↄ mmre ni, ↄdↄ mmre ni
(It’s time to love)
Sↄ obi ninsa na kyerε wodↄ;
(Hold somebody’s hand and show them you care)
ↄdↄ mbre ni
(It’s time to love)
Bridge 1
Na sε me tumi shε nkↄm,
If I can prophesy
Ka kasa hworo aa
(And speak in other tongues)
Na menni ↄdↄ aa,
(But don’t have any love)
Meyε dede kwa
(I’m just making noise)
Bridge 2
ↄdↄ (y’abotrε),
(Love is patient)
ↄdↄ (y’enigye),
[Love is joyful]
ↄdↄ (y’asomdwe)
[Love is peaceful]
ↄdↄ (‘nyε ntokwa),
Love is not easily angered
ↄdↄ (‘nyε aka),
Love keeps no record of wrongs
Yeah yeah yeah!


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