We live by faith and not by sight
Cos without faith, it’s impossible to please God

Verse 1
If you got it
You obtain a good report
I gotta question for you
How long will you live
In this problem and trouble
You see
Well, we live by faith
And not by sight
With a f-a-i-t-h
Abraham used it
And why don’t you use it
You can use a little bit of it
You can wrought righteousness
Subdue kingdoms
Stop the mouth of lions
Queuch the violience of fire
Stepping in faith
On the mountain of challenges [which will take you higher and higher]
If you have Faith like a grain mustard seed
And if you believe in the word of God that you hear
You move all mountains (2x)
Chorus (2x)
Verse 2
For without faith,
ce ne pas possible
To please God
Cos faith is the substance of things hope for
The evidence of things not seen
Cos with faith all things are possible
Like my man of God said
Speech: With the first wall
When you get to the first wall
You gotta push it down
But for, the second wall
You gotta climb over the wall
[Halleluyah, I don’t know what you’re going through but we see something]
But the third wall, as you get close to it
You’ll try to climb it, but you cannot
You try to push it, but you cannot
You just close your eyes, walk through
And you will go through
Just believe it
And speak it
And you will see it (3x)
[Just believe it, Halleluyah]
[Just speak it whatever you wanna see]
[And see it]
[As far as you eyes can see like Abraham]
[Oh-ooh haaawh]
You are God
You are King
Created all things
With your Holy word
You made us gods
And gave us power
Whatever we say
Will come through


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