When you go through the fire
I’ll be right there with you
When you cross the deep waters
I will hold you in my arms
When it seems it’s getting colder
Be not afraid
There’s a place you can run to
Where there’s peace for your soul
Remember there’s a promise for you
Just be still, hold on

I’ll be there when you call my name
Just know you can, count on me
I’ll hold you in my arms so you won’t let go
Trust in me, take my hand, just be strong
I’ll be there, be there for you (x2)

This life can be harder
This world can be lonely
You have prayed and prayed for so long
And seems nobody cares
Everything you’ve done is falling apart
But don’t be discouraged
There’s a friend who won’t leave you
He’s faithful and true
You got to hold to his unchanging care


And I will always be there for you (Repeat)


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