Joyouscelebration03 7

Lord I’m just a sinner
Longing for your mercy
Your touch is all I need now
To save me from falling

For the world has failed me now
Over and over again 
Somebody pray for me please
So I can hold on to your love 

For your love
For your touch
For your grace
I will do anything
Just to be there,
There by your side
Till the end of all times
For Your love

Oh yeah it does no good for a man
To gain the whole world
And losing, lose his soul
And eternity by God’s

For the world will let you down
over and over again
Till you loose all the time you have
To be captured by his love


I will do anything
I will i will
I shall i shall
I must i must
I will do anything for your love ehh


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