Joyouscelebration04 4

When I walked through the door
I sensed His presence
And I knew this was a place
Where love abounds

For this is a temple
Where God will love abite
We are standing in His presence
On Holy ground

We are standing on Holy ground
And I know that there are angels all around
Let us praise, praise God now
For we are standing in his presence
On Holy ground

In His presence I know there is joy
Beyond our measure
At his feet a sweet peace of mind
Can still be found
For if we have need I know
I know that He is still the answer
So reach out and claim it
For we are standing on Holy ground
Yes we are.


We are standing
(We are standing in his presence on holy ground)
We are standing
(We’re giving him praise, the glory, all the dominion)
We are standing
(We are beholding the beauty of your holy name)
We are standing
(I know that we are standing)
On holy ground

For we are standing.


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