Gimme bass, hi-hat, clap back, with the sound
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 3x
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Blessings every time! Adeola pon dis one
Taking Gospel to the next level
Ya dun know, OK!

Verse 1
Mi dun know
How you ah walk pon di sea
Raise di dead and heal di sick
Him ah do ah wollapa tings fi me
Make you wol up uno hands and praise 2x
All over di world
Him ah di God of all creation

This kind God oh
I’ve never seen your kind oh
This kind God oh
Blessed be your Holy name

Verse 2
From di East and West
North to di South
Omnipresent, uh no doubt
You haffe uno voice and shout
Over, 2000 years ago
Man ah do great tings fi me [Watch Out!]
So lift up your voice and say…
Faithful God, Mighty God, Wonder God, Holy God
Him ah di best to selek of all di rest 2x
Unchangeable, Dependable, Incredible God

Chorus 2x
You haffe know Him Incredible GOD
Bridge [ by Adeola]
24/7 You’ve been there for me
So I will praise you Lord
From the bottom of my heart
Let’em go sis!

Incredible [We haffe know say you are]
Magnificent [ We haffe know say you are]
And Glorious is my GOD

Repeat Chorus 6x
You haffe know Him Incredible GOD
Credit: Minister Kobby


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