Dan Dan Ni Lyrics by Toeyoursea


Verse 1:
He’s the only true God, there’s no one else like him.
All other gods they are the works of men Chai
Made the heaven his throne and made the earth he’s footstool.
Tell me how great is our God (ebube dike)I.e great God.
If e no be for God oya tell me wetin you for be?
U better count your blessings make u realize.
Ebamiyinbaba o(help me praise him)
Oya kajo gbegba ope o (let’s thank him together)
Fun ore tose fun wa (for all he has done for us)

You have to praise the Lord

Response:  aaaaaaaaahaaaah DANDAN ni (2x)

Call:  He deserves all the praise

Response:  aaaahaaah DANDAN ni

So you’ve got to praise the LORD.

Call:  Tori pe o seun rere fun oo(cos he hz done grt fins 4u)

Response:  O seun seun (thank you)

Call:  And he will still do many more

Response:  tori pe o seun seun

Verse 2
He’s a miracle worker(worker)
Lion of d tribe of judah(judah)
The beginning and the ending
Alpha and omega
I salute your majesty
Jehovah is your name
Every kajo yin Baba oo (let’s praise him 2geda)
He gave u life, gave u hope,
gave u peace and healed your pain,
yea he turned your life around.
Guess now u know that he’s alive
And he reigns forever more
He’s a good God
We have to praise the lord.
Response: aaaahaaah DANDAN ni
Help me praise the lord
Response: ahhhhahhh DANDAN ni
He deserves all the praise
Response: aaaahaah DANDAN ni
So help me praise the lord.
Tori pe o seun rere fun ooo
And he will still do many more.

ALAGBADAINA (the One clothed in fire)
Response: jojojojo
Nse la ma gbe oga(we”ll lift u high)
Response:DANDAN ni(its must)
Atibimolemo(multiple children)
Atisayomayo(joy unspeakable)
Moni Dan Dan ni (its a must) 3x

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