Joyouscelebration16 4
Wose wo p3 praises,
[You say you want praises]
Wose wo p3 praises,
Praises na wo b3 nya
[Praises is what you’ll get]
O-hen O-re-ba-o [The King is coming]
O-hen O-re-ba-o, O-hen O-re-ba-o 
O-sa-ba-ri-ma-ee [Our great Warrior]
Yesu na Oreba oo (eei eei)
[Jesus is coming]
Obeba abe fa yen (oo eei eei)
[He will come and take us home]
O-be-ba a-befa yen na y’a-ko di e-hu-ru- si
[He will come and take us to rejoice with him]
Ye ne no be t’na daa eeieei
[We will dwell with him forever]


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