Joyouscelebration08 1
 Life can be so rough
There’s so much hate and confusion
But there is one thing that keeps my spirit high
The knowledge of his unfading love
The knowledge of him who never sleeps
He watches over me
Coz you’re my deliver
(You are my deliverer)
See you’re my protection
(You are my protection)
See you are, you are
(You are my comforter)
When my mind is in pain
(When I’m weak you say I’m strong)
See you are (you are my source of streng)
See you pick me up when I’m down
(You pick me up)
You are my Lord 
(you are my Lord and my King)
When the enemy comes like a flood of the late asunder
Even when failed, trust creeping in my life
And suddenly I’m surrounded with His glory
My lips begin to shout hallelujah
Its good to know you’re by my side
so you’re my deliverer
I thank God for salvation and His son
He gave me a new life
My soul is singing and that is why I say
You’re my deliverer


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