I’ve got something this world can’t take away
I’ve got something this world can’t take away
I’ve got something this world can’t take away
I’ve got something this world can’t take away
He has given the joy within
He has blessed, blessed me once again
And he has taken all of my fears away
He has brightened my day,my day
I don’t care, I don’t care
What people may say
Cos’ God keeps on
I’m determined to keep on
I’m gonna serve God anyway
I’ve got something I’ve got something
This world can’t take away
Ooh No matter what people may say or do
or say to me, I know in mind
And I’m sure in my heart and I know
Deep down in my soul
I’ve got something that God has blessed me with
Something that you can not take away
(Away, away, away, away)
He’s given me a peace of mind
That I know that nobody can take away from me
My God has given me love
That I know and I’m sure in my heart 
nobody can take away from me
He has given me joy abundantly
I can feel it all ‘shine’ up in my bones
You see one day I had to be saved
Is somebody listening to me?
One day Christ had to come down
From the heavenlies and be crucified
For my sins you see
I was a sinner
Everybody had turned their backs on me
But he came with all power in his hands
And he saved me from sin
That is why I say today
What God has given me,
You can’t take away
They can’t take it away
(Away, away, away, away)
When Christ came into my life you see
He came with a few things 
That he wanted me to know
That I had a God, Jehovah Jireh
The Lord my provider
Who says he shall supply all my needs
According to his riches and glory
(All my needs according to his riches)
And now I know that this is true
It’s because it’s his word and he has exalted
His word above himself 
Therefore his promises are yes and amen
He’s Jehovah Rapha
The Lord that can heal all your diseases
Jehovah Nisi God almighty and strong in battle
Jehovah Shalom, the God that can give you peace of mind
Jehovah Tsikedu, God your righteousness
And what God is to you
Nobody can take away; nobody can take away from you
(Nobody can take away from you nobody. away, away )
They can’t take your joy not your healing
Not your peace of mind
Nobody can take way
What God has given to you
They can’t take away
(Away, away )


Noble J. Ozogbuda
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