I’m Grateful Lyrics By Apostle FT. Sheflow, UT



I’m grateful, 
I’m on the Mic, 
so I’m getting thoughtful. 
Sheflow & Apostle, 
Heaven is mine entertainment o na na na

[ pre-chorus: Sheflow ]

Lord I’m grateful, 
for everything You’ve done for me, 
For giving me everything that i need, 
Na the reason why I’m down on my knees

[ chorus: sheflow & Apostle ]

Lord I’m grateful,  (I’m grateful oo) 
For everything You’ve done for me,  (everything You’ve done for me) 
For giving me everything that i need,  (i need i need) 
Na the reason why I’m down on my knees  (my knees my knees) 
You Dey make me shout oh, 
Shout oh shout oh,  (I’m grateful oooooh) 
I the feel your love oh  (I the feel Your love oooooh) 
Lord i give my heart oh  (I the give my heart to You)  
cus You deserved oh  (o na na na, ele le le)  
you the make me shout oh  (I’m grateful oooooh) 
I the feel Your love oh  (I the feel your love  oooooh)  
Lord I give my heart oh  (I the give my heart to you)  
Cus u deserved o ( o na na na, ele le le)

[ Verse 1: ut]

(No be lie Your love too much, 
“e” the make me wanna shout, 
Oh my Lord I no fit stop. 
To thank You for Your love) [2X] 

[ bridge: Apostle]

(Lord I thank You for Your mercies ooooh, 
Lord I thank You for Your blessings ooooh)
Oshey, oshey baba oshey eeh oshey, 
Oshey eeh mma
[ pre-chorus: Sheflow ]  (REPEATED)
[ chorus: sheflow & Apostle ]   (REPEATED)

[Verse 2: Sheflow]

Beautiful like a morning sun,
Feeling grateful like a firstborn, 
Getting more pegs feeling fly like a last born, 
& thank You Jesus the God son,

Been in this game I confess never lost none, 
I may fight on yea get my lights on, 
When my shadow leave I can still find my way home, 
Please God give me grace i may go on,
Everyday i Wake up the sun is up, 
I’m filled up, 
My lights up, 
All I say is thumbs up, 
All I want is nothing but the love & blessings, 
The devil maybe teasing but I know who I’m pleasing, 
So I’m grateful to the one who gat of tripping, 
The devil is in trouble his punishment be double, 
When I smile triple, 
He see my dimple, 
My case is simple
[ pre-chorus: Sheflow ]  (REPEATED)
[ chorus: sheflow & Apostle ]   (REPEATED)