Do My Own Lyrics By Ola Onabajo ft Obiora Obiwon
I know You go do my own
Till You bless me I no go let You go
I know You go do my own
You go give me my victory oh

Verse 1: #
Many years don pass; Many people dey don pass
Many make am, many fash; Man life be like grass.
Many dem dey laugh; Many wise and many sharp
Dem talk behind my back; Dem say I too dey slack
But I know You love me…
You will never fail me
Everything wey You Promise…
Oh my Lord I trust thee…
Chorus: (Repeated)
Verse 2:
Many times I fail; Many times dey be like shame
Many many times ; E dey hard to hail Your name oh
Sometimes I no fit talk; Sometimes I no fit walk
If Hannah, Job, David fit rejoice
You go give me my joy
Verse 3: 
Na you I dey follow oh 
Na you be my Lord oh 
E be like say I dey kolo 
Wetin others do to make am 
I no fit if e no be Word oh
Some say make I sharp oh 
Some say I shack tombo 
Some call me otondo… Chi m O! 
Bring out your ogologo mma agha 
Answer with fire Jehovah 
Begin to show off with my life 
Until You show off with my life 
I no go run, I no go turn my love is for thee 
[Jehovah come in Your love and mercy for me] 
I overcome by the blood and testimony [and testimony]
by the Word of my testimony
Chorus: (Repeated)
Repeat Chorus till Fade…


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