I Live, I Can’t Die (My Confession)  By Expression

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I Live, I Can’t Die (My Confession)  By Expression | Gospel Mp3: [EP] Rich & Relevant – Inspiration Voices: The Inspiration Voices comprised of De Resonance, Expression, and Flight, emerged from the Southeastern Branch of the Chapel of Divine Inspiration, (CDI), Church.

Rich & Relevant is a 5-track Ep richly inspired by the word of God and the message of the Inspiration People led by Pastor KC Ahaiwe. They are not just songs, but a third-dimensional revelation of the word of God to His people.

The Ep dwells on the true agenda of Christ and the manifestation of the sons of consolation. It begins with a confession of who we are in Christ Jesus based on the miracle of salvation. It is a personal declaration – #I Live, I can’t die. By this confession, we refuse to be subject to the natural order of life. Why? Because it is our time, the #Karios’ time, the time for the rising of the sons of consolation – a generation of people that will actualise visions against all odds.

A people that will conquer territories for Christ. And no matter what life throws at us in the course of fulfilling the kingdom agendas, we waver not because our inheritance was foretold. Thus, we are sure of an #Amazing turnaround. More so, as long as we consistently abide by the blueprint of the scripture and remain in the secret place, we shall remain #Lifted.


The evidence of our confession shall manifest. And whatever gains, riches and blessings that comes along the line, they should be for a godly cause; to make a difference, to be a blessing to others and to help our world. This is the point where our #Riches becomes Relevant.

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