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Agba O” ( Thank You in Igala) is a combination of a popular Igala chorus, with additional Lyrics and composition by Chubie Ujah.

The song was recorded live on December 13, 2020 at Lokoja, Kogi State after what had been a trying year for every human being on the face of the Earth.  The song expresses gratitude to God for his faithfulness and his reliability. Achubione means A reliable person. So the song is basically saying “Thank you for being reliable and dependable” to God.

Agba O features Oche John Ugbenyo, who also doubles as the producer for Chubie Ujah &  Xtremelife. It is one of the songs from the forthcoming album “Thank You”.  Agba O is available on all digital streaming platforms. 

Stream & Download Audio Below; 

Lyrics: Agba O By Chubie Ujah & Xtremelife Ft. Oche Ugbenyo

For waking me up this morning
Agba O
For setting me on my way
Agba O
For every brand new day
Agba O
I’ll praise you all my days
Agba O

For food on my table
Agba O
For life, and peace, health
Agba O
For your mercies everyday
Agba O
You are worthy of our praise
Agba O

Ojo kia Chubione Agba O
Ojo kia Chubione Agba O
Ewola eju kedu tewa wenini
Achubi one Agba O

Wola e ke che onale
Wola e ke che enini
Wola e ke che akwobi
Wola e ki bo togba

Ojo kia Chubione Agba O
Ojo kia Chubione Agba O
Ewola eju kedu tewa wenini
Achubi one Agba O

You picked me
You brought me
You placed me
You kept me

Chubione Agba O
Chubione Agba O
Ewola eju kedu twa wenini
Achubi one Agba O

Music Director: Chubie Ujah
Music Producer: Oche John Ugbenyo
Co Producer: Chubie Ujah
Recording Engineer: Ugbede “Bigman” Ogbobi
Music Editing : Joshua “Greenworks” Ugbenyo
Mixing & Mastering: Outlook Mix
Drums: Monday Egamana
Keys: Oche John Ugbenyo
Keys: Comfort Joe
Bass: Eddie “Surge” Idikwu
Guitar: Michael Okojie

Mercy Nene Rickets
Iye Faith Achor
Martha Omaye Dickson
Ene Faith Obute
Nyubinga Shimbura
Festus Sheneni
Onu Princely Abutu
Stephanie Ajefu
Blessing Jokins
Delight Iko-Ojo Negedu
Emmanuella Olisa
Oche John Ugbenyo
Frances Ojoh
Ruth Okechukwu
Samuel Ibozi Esezobor

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