Grace Amah – Papa {Song Lyrics}: SOLO:
Papa we call on you
Mighty God in heaven and on the earth
You are the hope of the Saints yeeeee
Unto you all flesh shall call

Grace Amah – Papa {Song Lyrics}

Papa, papa papa
Who art in heaven
The hope of the Saints
Your Children are calling you

Calling you, calling you, calling you eeeee


Papaaaa, cast your eyes of mercy upon us
ALL: Papa papa Papa
SOLO: Papa heaven is your throne
You’re the fountain of healing and mercies

We look up to you Holy one of Israel
Let your glo–ry shine upon us, papaeeee
Papa Papa Papa meeeee
We look up to you alone papa


Hear the voice of crying of our hearts

Be attentive to our voice Papa
You are the only hope we have
For we have no other Saviour, but you….
East and west, North and south
There is no one, nooooo,noo noo noo, no one
Mighty Everlasting Father
No one that can never take your place in all the earth

Papa Papa Papa
Who art in heaven
Hope of the Saints
Your Children are calling you

SOLO:Father of the fatherless
ALL: Papa Papa Papa,
SOLO:Husband to the widow
ALL: who art in heaven, hope of the Saints
SOLO: Hope of the hopeless
ALL: Your Children are calling you
Unto you all flesh is calling
Papa Papa Papa, who art in heaven
SOLO: forgive us all our sin
Heal our land!!
Heal our land!!!, heal our land!!!
Heal our land!!!!
ALL: Your Children are calling you


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