Fade Away Lyrics – Limoblaze ft Dena Mwana: Yea (5x)
Oza likolo (3x)

Let every other name fade away
Fade away
Let every other name fade away
Omo dem go fade away now

Solo 1
Nobody fit try you, my daddy, oh
Nobody wey fit change my story oh
There’s no better love (2x)
Thank you give me
I don do you wrong (2x)
Yet you choose me
Cos if you dey with me
Omo e go sure for me
And if you move with me
The road fo clear for me


Ah Ah Ahh
Omo dem go fade away now
Ahh Ah Ahh
Ba kombo mosusu ekita
Ya yo etombwama
Yo nzambe bilembo
To tielo elikia
Yaya tombwana
Le meilleuer mon papa eh eh
Dans le noir m”accroche a toi
Lumiere des nations
Mon papa eh
Liloba an yo
ebombi ngai libela
Tu as nous vies entre tes mains
Dieu fidel
Aucun autre nom sur nos levres
Christ seul
Let the other names fade away
We choose to lift only you


Ah Ah Ahh
Oza likolo (2x)
Omo them go fade away now
Ah Ah Ahh
Lola etatoli
Mabele eningani

Let the other name fade away
Only you, only you Jesus


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