‘Bachelorette’ designer Randi Rahm on her favorite dresses through the years

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When Tayshia Adams gives out her final rose on tonight’s season finale of “The Bachelorette,” she’ll be wearing a gown by Randi Rahm, a franchise favorite for major moments ranging from premieres to proposals.

Over the past decade, the New York designer has outfitted over a dozen of Bachelor Nation’s contestants and leads, and even created wedding dresses for “Bachelorettes” Ashley Hebert and Rachel Lindsay.

Rahm told Page Six Style that she works closely with the show’s longtime stylist Cary Fetman to dress the leading ladies — each of whom handpicks what she’d like to wear onscreen.

“Thousands of pieces come to [Fetman]. And then the ‘Bachelorette’ goes through these pieces and selects things that she wants to try on, that she’s attracted to,” Rahm explained.

“It’s an organic process. [The wardrobe] is not picked for her — she picks what she feels comfortable in, and then the master stylist styles it for her, so that she can look the best she possibly can in something she feels good in.”

Randi Rahm in her New York City studio.
Randi Rahm in her New York City studio.
Courtesy of Randi Rahm

This season, Fetman and Rahm had the unique challenge of dressing not one, but two “Bachelorettes,” after original lead Clare Crawley got engaged to Dale Moss and Adams stepped in to fill her stilettos. And that’s no small feat when you’re dealing with dresses that can take weeks upon weeks to make.

“It could be anywhere from 250 hours to 800 hours worth of labor and work,” Rahm shared of the time required to complete one of her couture creations.

“It depends on the intricacy of the beading and the embroidery and the stones and things like that. If a client is purchasing one of these gowns, it can take [around] eight months, with all the fittings. It’s like a painting, or like a puzzle — you’re putting each piece slowly together, specifically for that person.”

And all that craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag.

“A haute couture piece can range from anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000,” Rahm revealed, adding that while the “Bachelorettes” don’t pay for their dresses, they also have to return them after the camera have stopped rolling.

As Chris Harrison would say: “Take a moment, say your goodbyes.”

Below, Rahm discusses her favorite “Bachelorette” designs through the years.

Ashley Hebert, 2011

Ashley Hebert in the season finale of "The Bachelorette," 2011

“The dress she wore when she got engaged was a very special feathered pink beautiful airy gown,” Rahm recalled of this $16,790 stunner. “And they walked right into the water. In the gown. In feathers, no less! But it did recover. And it was a wonderful moment.”

JoJo Fletcher, 2016

JoJo Fletcher in "The Bachelorette," 2016

“That happens to be one of my favorite shapes. It’s more of a structured fit and flare,” Rahm said of this blue fishtail number, which required its own suitcase to transport. “The dress was beautiful, but it wasn’t wearing her — she was wearing the dress. And that’s what makes a beautiful look.”

Rachel Lindsay, 2017

Rachel Lindsay in the season finale of "The Bachelorette," 2017

“The finale dress weighed like 30 pounds,” Rahm recalled. “It was this solid geometric tight pattern of squares in silver beads, and it had a very, very, very high slit. [There was,] I would say, more than 600 hours of beading on that dress.”

Added the designer, “Rachel was a great fashion person — she wore fashion well. Certain people just really feel it, and she did.”

Becca Kufrin, 2018

Becca Kufrin in the season premiere of "The Bachelorette," 2018

“That’s our Diamond dress,” Rahm said of Kufrin’s premiere look, reportedly worth $22,000. “The original dress I made for the Oscars [with] $2.5 million worth of real diamonds … Maria Menounos wore [it] on the red carpet. It was a shape I really loved, and the same season, I made one in Swarovski crystals. There’s always an iteration of the Diamond dress in my evolutions — that’s what I call my collections, because we’re always evolving.”

Tayshia Adams, 2020

Tayshia Adams in "The Bachelorette," 2020

“That’s our Rachel gown, and I was so happy she pulled that gown,” the designer said. “It’s a complete different style than anyone’s ever worn on opening night, and with her gorgeous tone of skin — she has the most gorgeous coloring I’ve ever seen — she’s like a blank canvas. Anything you put on her — pink, olive green, coral — she is just gorgeous.”

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