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Bishop David Abioye’s Biography

Bishop David Abioye's Biography
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Bishop David Abioye’s biography

David Abioye is a well-known pastor of the Living Faith Church. But how well do you actually know him? Check out Bishop David Abioye’s biography and find out more about the man that might someday replace David Oyedepo himself. 

Life before the Living Faith Church

Very little is known about David Abioye in general, let alone about his early years. We were able to find that he was born in 1961 in Kwara State. From early childhood, he grew up with Christ in his heart. However, he has never actually thought that one day he would become a minister. David studied Mechanical Engineering in the university. He worked as a lecturer at Open Cast Polytechnic, Auchi from 1985 till 1986. At that point, he was already married and trying desperately to provide for himself and his wife. David Abioye dreamed of opening a modern tech workshop and tried very hard to make that dream come true.

But life had other plans for him.

Bishop David Abioye And Bishop David Oyedepo.jpg

Around the same time, maybe slightly earlier, he encountered David Oyedepo, a man you know today as the creator of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. The two met in the early 80’s in a Christian Students’ Fellowship, and something sparked between them. Abioye was fascinated by Oyedepo’s passion and love for God, and so their friendship blossomed. At first, the two had a very brotherly relationship, where Oyedepo took Abioye under his wings and became his mentor. Soon, the latter became a preacher, though being involved in ministries of gospel was not a very prestigious occupation then. Despite that, David Abioye persevered, all the while being under the watchful eye of David Oyedepo.

Bishop David Abioye And Bishop David Oyedepo Vintage Photo.JPG
Bishop David Abioye And Bishop David Oyedepo Vintage Photo.jpg

Thus, when Oyedepo founded his now renowned church called Living Faith Church (which was not yet worldwide), Abioye was among the seven people that took part in it. Since then, the church has grown, as well as the relationship between Oyedepo and Abioye. From brothers, the two became father and son. Abioye once even said that he regarded himself as a servant under Oyedepo.

Life after founding Living Faith Church

Bishop David Abioye.JPG
Bishop David Abioye.jpg

Since the creation of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Abioye has been serving his church and his people tirelessly. He has seen to the church’s growth and even took care of the Garden of Faith way back in 1989, when Oyedepo went to Lagos and Ota. In 1993, he was ordained Bishop, which only made him more dedicated to the cause.

So what is David Abioye up to now? 

David Abioye.jpg
David Abioye.jpg

Well, he is currently the Senior Pastor of the church. He presides over it in the 740-acre Goshen City, a church estate on Kilometre 26, Abuja-Keffi Road, Northern Nigeria. Abioye is a mentor and a father figure to numerous people all over the world. His service has earned him the title of the longest serving Deputy of a Nigerian church. His relationship with Oyedepo has not weakened over the years. The two remain very close friends. There are even rumours going around that when Oyedepo eventually retires, he will appoint Abioye as successor.

As for his other endeavours, Bishop David Abioye often appears as a keynote speaker at various conferences across the world. In addition to that, he has also written several books on leadership and Christianity.

Personal life

Bishop David Abioye And Wife.jpg
Bishop David Abioye And Wife.jpg

As mentioned earlier, Bishop Abioye is a married man. He has been married to his wife Mary for what seems like ages. The two have brought up three wonderful children: David Abioye Jnr., Ruth Abioye and Daniel Abioye. Ruth is currently working as an Administration Officer at the Covenant University, Ota. When talking about family, Bishop Abioye often shares that it is one of the most important things for him. Despite being a busy man, he always manages to find some time to spend with his loved ones.

David says that he tries to help everyone he can as often as possible and share his love with those who need it most. The most adorable thing about David Abioye and his family is that he calls his wife his blessing. According to David, he not only sees her as his wife, but also as a life-long companion. He believes that she is his kindred spirit who shares his immense love for God. Abioye advises young people to look for partners that have a similar love for God as they do. He says it will serve as a strong basis for the future of their relationships.

Bishop David Abioye And Wife Seasons Greetings Photo.jpg
Bishop David Abioye And Wife Seasons Greetings Photo.jpg

Stepping away from David Abioye’s relationships, we would like to mention how hard-working he is in his daily life. In an interview with African Leadership, he shared that he barely sleeps or rests. Instead, he devotes all his time to his work, particularly serving others. That said, he always finds time for studying and socializing with his family.

If you want to find out more about Bishop David Abioye, you can visit his website or his Facebook If you have any inquiries, you can contact him via e-mail. Send him a letter to

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